A nice cup of tea

          Unlike most hotels etc in the UK, most continental rooms don’t have tea and coffee-making facilities so as caffeine is one of the foods I have to keep balanced to manage my migraines I had to go elsewhere to get my twice daily caffeine fix.

          We sat in some wonderful places, drinking gorgeous coffee out of some beautiful cups but on the way home we had to be up at 4am, leaving the hotel by 5am and on the plane by 7am.  By the time I was sitting in my seat high above the clouds, tired and with my ears popping like fireworks, I was ready for what my Nana would always prescribe to cure all ills …

          A nice cup of tea.

           More from before : my holiday in “Nice, France“, July 2012.


9 thoughts on “A nice cup of tea

        • Migraines make life so complicated don’t they. 😦
          I get a slowly building migraine as a caffiene withdrawal, but if I cut it out all together I’m fine apart from then if I get an accidental caffiene intake, from a flu tablet for instance, I get an instant migraine.
          I’ve worked out that one cup in the morning and another at night is enough to keep up a low caffiene tollerance without overdoing it, this seems to keep away the caffiene migraine. 🙂

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