Penny for their thoughts

          In my previous post “Birdseye view” “Meanderer” sugested a caption competition for the last pigeon photo.

          I’ve put it together with two other to see what captions you can come up with for 1, 2, 3, or all of the pictures below …




          Have fun !

           More from before : my holiday in “Nice, France“, July 2012.


14 thoughts on “Penny for their thoughts

  1. Top One: – Don’t Jump Ethel… I will marry you! 😉
    Middle: – What do you want? Get lost, won’t you…
    Lower: – Get that motor running! 😛

    • Love it ! 🙂
      I was thinking more along the lines of ” Yes, I’m beautiul, yes you can take my photo, but don’t get in the way of other’s looking too. ” for number two though. 😀

  2. No.1: “It’s Nice here isn’t it?” 🙂
    No.2: “Don’t you think that beige is so ‘yesterday’? I would have preferred the brown furry cushion instead 😦 ” 🙂
    I haven’t got one for number 3 yet (I bet you’re glad judging by the others 🙂 ).

    • No.1: wonderful…
      No.2: Brilliant …
      No.3: You’ve really set yourself a challenge to top the first two, you have to keep going now, I can’t wait. 😀

    • We do have some funny input so far don’t we. 🙂
      Have you seen the film Brigette Jones’ diaries ? If you have, do you remember the part where Brigette is introducing her friends and the male friend (who had a number one hit a long time ago) is asked to move his chair leg from on a lady’s coat but mistakes the interuption as someone asking after his identity ?
      The expression on the dog’s face in picture 2 makes me think of that clip everytime I look at it. 🙂

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