Moving statue

          We’ve probably all seen them, some good, some not so good, but we all watch … the moving statues, people dressed up and playing to the crowd. 

          The original ones were brilliant, they stood for ages without blinking, I remember being drawn to their eyelids just watching for some movement.  They stood dead still until someone put some money into their pot and then would silently “do their piece” and stop again until more money was dropped.  These were good.

          Next came the statues with their eyes or faces covered, they wore masks of some sort to cover the movement of their eyes.  Not quite so good as the originals but the costumes became more elaborate and the entertainment value was still there.

          I saw a new generation of “statues” in Nice, they didn’t keep still at all … they squeaked ! Hidden underneath a variety of different coloured covers, the entertainer worked a puppet like head as the crowd moved near.

          Strange, but still entertaining and definitely fascinating for this one little onlooker.

        I spotted another statue taking a little “downtime” and some lunch from a friend.    I’d seen this statue in action earlier in the day but had been very restrained with my camera, but the contrast from the colourful bag made the silver costume of the statue even more eye-catching.  Taking the photo of this entertainer without his disguise I was “busted” and expected a scowl, but instead was greeted with a pleasant smile.

           More from before : my holiday in “Nice, France“, July 2012.


6 thoughts on “Moving statue

    • I was a bit worried that he might think I was intruding behind his disguise, but he seemed happy to pause for the photo.
      I think it might be quite fun to play the statue and watch the crowd from the other side. maybe I could dress up as an old fashion photographer and take peoples photos when they put money in my hat ?

  1. I saw my first living statue in London, and was fascinated. I’ve seen them here since that time, and I’m still fascinated by the better performers. It’s art for some of them. Love your captures, and the memories they brought me. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ve lost count how many I’ve seen now but I could still spend ages just watching them, some are really really good. As you say, fascinating. 🙂

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