Well, just for Aj, here’s a post about training … me training it to London, Marylebone and three cyclists possibly training for who knows what.

          We (meaning Hubby and I) left the house in plenty of time to catch our train, in fact so early that we caught the train before.  We had tickets for an “off peak” train but it appeared that the one we were catching was the first off peak of the day and so the world and his wife were already on it.  We squeezed into a gap just inside the doors and waited for them to close … then the cyclists arrived and everyone’s face fell to the floor.

          Two men and a boy, one of the men headed for a door further on and one squeezed in with us (handlebars first), leaving the boy on the platform not quite sure what to do next.  We all breathed in and flattened a little more against the trains panels for him to squash in with us too.  Struggling to push the handlebars in next to the other cycle, I muttered “turn it around the other way” and didn’t quite receive a dig in the ribs from Hubby for my comment but the slight clearing of his throat had the same effect and I refrained from any more “helpful” advice.  In any case, the cycle was turned around and squeezed in with the back wheel first, the doors closed and we were off.

          Some men look good in lycra cycle shorts, some don’t (I remember a team of very elderly cyclists who used to stop during their weekly meet at a cafe I worked at.  Sorry, but that was just “not” right, ugh!).  Well, as much as this man didn’t look bad in his lycra shorts, it did leave me slightly uncomfortable wondering where to rest my gaze.

        Ok, I remembered I was supposed to be preparing a travel post for Aj in my head so glanced around the bit of train I could see from my perch against the wall-mounted litter-bin.  Hubby stood next to me, swaying in the gap which led to the rest of the carriage, behind him, sitting on the floor I could see the top of a grey balding head as it tipped itself backward and forwards sipping an espresso coffee from a paper cup which was far too small for the size of his nose.  I wondered if he drank his little cup of treacle every morning.

          My eyes slipped past the blue jeans and trainers in the corner behind him to the young girl sitting in the opposite corner.  Thinking about it, she wasn’t that young, I’d say easily in her 20’s or more … I must be getting old.  Anyway, she had her hair smoothed back into a ponytail and was reading a book on top of the rucksack huddled on her lap.  A sore looking red patch on her mouth reminded me to dig into my pocket to find my lip balm which I put on with the hope of not splitting my lips at the dentist later.

          My gaze slipped back to the safety of the cycles.  Thinking a photo would be nice to go with the post I wondered about how to inconspicuously take out my camera.  Hmmmn.   Of course, why didn’t I think of  it before, the camera on my phone isn’t up to much but it’s a lot less conspicuous than the camera.  I snapped a picture of the cycles, concentrating towards the cycle helmet to save embarrassment all round.  (then had a play on Hubby’s phone too as a back-up photo incase mine didn’t work.

          The boy cyclist squeezed his way past me and headed off towards the other end of the train, probably in search of the other companion and the rest of the journey passed surprisingly quickly without the aid of a seat.  As the doors opened the two cycles were apologetically taken off first and a glance towards the rear of the train gave a glimpse of the young boy making his way to reclaim his possession.

          So there you have it, another train tale.   This was only part of my travels for yesterday, the camera was busy and I have a few gems to share with you at a later date.

           More from before : Looking at “London” as a tourist.


7 thoughts on “Training

    • It wasn’t so bad. 🙂 There was a solid panel behind me, I had my little perch on the litter bin, I was protected by the cycles in front of me. And of course, Hubby to the left of me, I don’t think I would have been so relaxed about the situation if he hadn’t been there. 🙂

  1. Here we go! Live from the train… as promised, once the wi-fi on the train is working I can blog with impunity! Fun!

    Thanks for the post… thanks for the mention… I will happily feature your post… when I know about re-blogging!


    • Whey hey ! Live from the train … Go You ! 😀
      I did a re-blog of one of my older posts a while ago to see how it works, if you’re signed in with your wordpress account theres a toolbar across the top of your page and there’s a re-blog button on there. If I remember rightly, it gave me the option to comment as I re-blogged and then it showed the first part of the blog with a link to the original.
      I think I had the option to edit my comment later, but I’m not sure … I deleted it once I’d finished playing. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Ouch!! My back hurts!! and commented:

    Friday the 13th ?

    NO… I’ve told you before, I don’t believe the day is unlucky… also, yesterday was not the 13th… so, that throws that theory out of the window. Well, why then did Friday the 10th start so well? As mentioned yesterday… the Sligo Express was delayed so I walked back home, published the post, caught a ride into Maynooth with P-W, mother of GSK and GSA and eventually got my posterior onto a train seat heading for Dublin.

    I have to add though… I was still on the platform waiting for the Sligo Express in Enfield when I took the first call from work. That started the ball rolling… by the time the steel wheels started their slow roll out of Maynooth I was taking calls, making calls and generally just wishing it was 18h00… home time on a Friday, well usually most days.

    So… as I’m in no mood for telling you of my woes I’m going to introduce Sallyann… insert drum roll here please. Sallyann is a fellow blogger who started out about the same time as I did. The lady has liking for travel and adds touches of humour and flair when sharing her memories… generally spreading smiles all around… when the dentist doesn’t get in the way! Although she has tried to remain incognito I have a sneaky suspicion that she may just well be a ravishing red-head… mother of three and wife to a very sporting… and lucky ‘hubby’! 😉

    • Thanks Aj, and thanks for the very complimentary comment. 🙂
      I see you worked out this re-blog thingy too. Something went a little haywire with the link on your comment here but I think I’ve fixed it to link back to you.
      Thanks again for the re-blog, and the opportunity for a guest post on your blog. 😀

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