Boris bikes.

          I’ll leave you to make up your own mind about the political hoo-hah which surrounds the London cycle hire scheme, personally I think they’re a brilliant idea.

          From what I can gather, and I’m in no way the best informed person on the subject, these bikes are to be found on various stands around London and you can use a bike from one stand at the start of your journey and cycle to the other side of London where you then leave the bike there for another person to use it.  I’m not sure about the in’s and out’s of the scheme but it sounds good to me; no having to find a space in the shed or garden to store the bike, (if you actually have a shed, or a garden), no having to worry about locking it up and wondering if it will be there when you return, and of course no maintainance to pay for, just the basic payment of “borrowing” the bike each time you need one.

          Brilliant for tourists too, I snapped these two stopping to consult their map.

          This shot I took a few streets later made me smile, it’s got everything, the bikes, the red busses, and the black taxis.

           More from before : Looking at “London” as a tourist.


7 thoughts on “Boris bikes.

  1. I think they should change their sponsor… seeing as the “B” bank is no longer flavour of the month! 😉

    They have them here in Dublin too… often seen them being used… and, have once almost been taken out by one of the rides skipping a light! Fool… I called after him! 😛

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