Trolley Tots

          Some more “fun in the sun” from Penn Festival in July 2012.

           Although the only child I took to the festival was Hubby, I still thought these wagons were wonderful and promised that in return for taking a picture I would look them up online.  I found them on Facebook and also a mention or two of the Penn Festival on their blog so here’s a link if you’re interested … “Trolley Tots Timely Tales“.

          These two decided to carry their buggy instead …

          Being a family festival lots of little people were there to enjoy the fun too …

          Mud – glorious mud … Wellies – wonderful wellies …

          These merrymakers trekked across the mud to their car, toddler in arms, and tent in trolley …

           More from before “Penn Festival” in July, the height of our British summer, 2012.


5 thoughts on “Trolley Tots

  1. How sweet! I also like the name of the VW in the first image: the Minx. I remember one Glastonbury and spotting an ambulance which had been converted to a camper van which had the word ‘Ambulance’ changed to ‘Ambience’ 🙂 You had to do a double-take to spot it. I thought it was pretty cool!

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