Dottie is another owl from the “Central England Reptile Rescue & Birds of Prey Sanctuary“.  Thanks to Scott and Emma Lee for showing the birds at the Best of British day we had in town last weekend.

          I’ll type out the fact file accompanying Dottie at the showing incase the photo is too small to read.


Dottie was donated to the rescue by her breeder, aged only 3 weeks old and was hand-reared.  Thought to be female originally, Dottie was recently confirmed as a male bird.


Snowy Owls are notorious for their tendency to be bad natured and difficult to handle.  Dottie like all of our birds, has his moments of total manic behaviour, but seems to actually like being out in public, only rarely stepping down from his perch.


Snowy Owls are arctic dwellers, but have been known to range further south during harsh winters.  they are active mainly during daylight, and nest in ‘scrapes’, dug into small raised areas on the snowy wastes.  Diet consists of mice, hares, muskrats, marmots, squirrels, rabbits, prairie dogs, rats, moles, birds including ptarmigan, ducks, geese, shorebirds, pheasants, grouse, american coots, grebes, gulls, songbirds, and short-eared owls.  In captivity they can live up to 35 years.


6 thoughts on “Dottie

  1. Interesting post, Sallyann! You’re talking to an ex-birder here – I actually saw one of these in the wild, on the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles), 10 or more years ago – very impressive! Adrian

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