Cardiff tourist

          It must easily be about 15 years since I moved away from the Cardiff area but on my recent visit it was still strange to look at it with the eyes of a tourist.

          The castle is still the same, and of course there will be more of that at a later date.  The main shopping is housed in huge new shopping centers, very centralised and very chic and clean but without the feel of times gone by, after my experiences in the “Doncaster” shopping centre I kept my camera firmly inside my pocket here.

          I went in search of the older, more familiar Cardiff and found it still thriving in the covered arcades near to the castle.

          I’m still kicking myself for not visiting the indoor market but this being Cardiff, the capital of Wales, I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph a young lady playing her harp.

Harp lady.

           More from before : various visits to “Cardiff” .


16 thoughts on “Cardiff tourist

    • I wondered about the shoes too, they’re a lovely colour and if you look closely they match the young lady’s top. 🙂
      My thoughts were that since she was sitting on a cottonish sheet of some sort, they might be one to weight the corner down and the other to weight down the collection box she was using ? 🙂

    • The shopping centres aren’t all bad, I have a liking for lines and geometric shapes so I often quite enjoy them, but as you say, for atmosphere or soul you do have to look elsewhere.

  1. Hello!

    I’m that woman with the harp!!! (I try and find picture of me playing because so many people take them of me on a weekly basis and I never see any of them, which is a little concerning! but hey ho!)

    Anyway, The shoes, the one on the box is holding down the box, and the other is holding down the mat (there are very strong sudden winds in Cardiff, probably as it’s so close to the sea, and the shoes hold it all down)

    Also, that man sat there for 3 hours! and gave me £180!!!! (however, that particular day I was busking to raise money for my friend, who was trekking Machu picchu for motor neurone disease, she was very happy and I raise £230 in total, which all went to a very good cause!)

    Anyway, Just thought I’d chip in as I saw the discussions and every picture tells a story…

    Thanks for putting this one up!

    Sam Hickman

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    • Love it ! 🙂
      My Nana and Grandad lived there too, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they lived around the corner from each other. 😀
      There’s a link on the bottom of most Cardiff posts to see more of Cardiff if you’d like to click on it.

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