How do you eat yours ?

          No, I’m not talking about that well-known brand of small chocolate egg, you know, the one with the deliciously sweet soft centre it’s too early even for those yet.  Although working in retail I must say they usually arrive in the warehouse before christmas and hit the shelves in January. (The first chocolate santas arrived before the end of August this year !)

          You’ve probably guessed by the picture that I’m on about bagels.  Plain, wholemeal, seeded, cinnamon, there’s probably a list as long as my arm of different types and flavours.  How do you eat yours ?

          I like them sliced and then lightly toasted in the toaster, just long enough to heat them through without browning the outside too much.  I generally open the whole packet when I eat the first one and slice every bagel, carefully placing them back into the packet and back into the breadbin … saves the mess of all those crumbs later and also saves the washing up of a large knife every time too.  I remember … it must have been youngest daughter because the older two are terrible at slicing them straight … being astounded when she bought a pack of bagels for herself and found that they came uncut.

          Personally I go for probably the most unhealthy, I like the plain white ones and the sweet cinnamon and raison ones, for a sweet moment I spread them with a variety of butter, jams and spreads, but for the savoury taste, bacon or cheese is good.

          I think my favourite though has to be the plain bagel, spread with bramble jelly jam, and then topped with light creamed cheese … Mmmmm.

          Oh, and not forgetting that the cream cheese goes very nicely in the cinnamon ones too.

           More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.

          P.s. I forgot to say that they’re on special offer again this month so I’m buying extra each week and freezing them pre-sliced in individual bags so that I can just pop a special offer one from my freezer into the toaster when the price goes back up.


12 thoughts on “How do you eat yours ?

  1. Sorry to say… when the title hit my inbox I assumed you were on about something delightful… somehow my mind drifted to other delights…
    Alas… mention of those will get a severe reprimanded! But alas again… the bagel thing just has not caught on in my world… so, maybe Ill stick to visions of messy spaghetti… 😉
    PS – I’m in a free spirited mood today!

    • Sorry – I got so distracted by the thought of food, I forgot to mention the accompanying photo! I love the way the inside of the bagel looks ‘silvery’ like the cutting board 🙂

    • Crumpets with boiled eggs sounds good.
      You should try a poached egg on top of a potato waffle. 🙂
      I must admit to not putting much thought into the photo though. I stacked and snapped them quickly and popped the front one into the toaster. 😀

  2. Yummy. It’s been a while since I had a bagel. I like the savory bagels (onion and the “everything” bagels), with cream cheese and veggies (tomatoes, onions, olives, peppers). I know. I’m weird. 😀

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