Early morning

          Yesterday morning I was walking home from work thinking that not only were the nights closing in, the mornings were getting darker too.  I tried hard to find a silver lining but failed dismally.

          This morning mother nature put on such a lovely light show that I completely forgave her for wanting a lie-in on these colder mornings.

          I took the first picture from my vantage point at an upstairs window before I left work and the bottom one five minutes later looking across a nearby field.  Just five minutes later the light show was all but gone, but now I’m looking forward to other mornings and other light shows from different vantage points as sunrise arrives slightly later each day.


7 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. I love sunrises. I remember on the East Coast during the wintertime, it was so frigid and cold…but the sun’s colors would be all the more crisp and fiery to make up for it. Good for you on finding that silver lining, great pictures!

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