I’ve had bits of this post part written in my head for a couple of weeks now but a dermatology consultation this morning with an ex-teenager (Eldest Daughter) finally pulled all the pieces together and gave me the title.

          I won’t be the first to admit that my diet is rubbish, I might be heard to whisper it  quietly in the dark when no one is around though.  I’m useless at making changes so I’ve been trying to think of ways to improve what I eat without actually having to think about it.

          First of all, I don’t cook, I don’t make myself what would be called a meal, I snack.  How can I go though life without cooking you may ask,  well, quite simply would be the answer.  I do eat a cooked meal four times a week in the staff restaurant at work where the cook very often spoils me by pandering to my very limited taste, I also eat out quite often with Hubby and if I visit either Middle or Eldest Daughters I’m usually asked if I’m eating with them when I’m there.

          As for what I eat, you can pretty much guarantee that if it’s healthy I don’t like it.  Vegetables … what are they ? Oh yes peas … I’ll happily eat peas until they’re coming out of my ears.  Although Hubby says I’m a “pea snob”  I like the Birds-eye frozen garden peas, they’re the only peas I’ll have in the house and very often when we’re eating out if the peas aren’t up to my standard I would rather go without.  To me, there’s nothing better than a plate of real mashed potato, smothered in peas and gravy.  Meat ? I hear you ask.  Well I’m not much of a meat lover, I eat pretty much all meat, apart from liver of course, far too much iron goodness in that, but I only eat meat in small quantities.  I could quite happily eat no meat at all and go vegetarian without missing it, apart from the fact that I don’t like vegetables.

          Needless to say, no green veg and very little red meat leaves me with an iron problem even before taking into account the fact that I’m one of “those women” at “that age”.  I did have some mega iron tablets from the doctor a while ago when my iron levels dropped low enough to be a problem but since it’s cheaper to buy them over the counter at the chemist she told me to just get my own and take them when I need them.  I listen to my body and when it tells me I need them I take them.

          Listen to your body … body talk … these were a few of the other titles I was playing with for this post.  Thinking about it logically, when a woman is pregnant (and I’m not, so we needn’t think in that direction) her body tells her mind what it needs and she gets cravings for all sorts of silly things.  When I was pregnant for Middle Daughter, my Sister was also pregnant and living with us so we were eating pretty much the same diet and also ended up with cravings for the same foods.  I remember one evening when Hubby was out working late I sat down with Sister and we demolished a whole bag of satsumas … along with a catering jar of pickled onions !

          Back to the present, my body has been telling me for months that it’s time for a change.  I’ve been reading it for years and it’s very sensitive to what I put into it, migraines for instance, are now mostly controlled by what I eat … or don’t eat, and IBS … don’t even get me started on that one.

          So, how to introduce some health to my diet without actually introducing any change.  It’s so simple really, I don’t see why I spent so long trying to think how … healthy snacks !

          Going back to the “listen to your body” thing, I wandered around the supermarket picking up the snacks that I “fancied” to put in my trolley, I didn’t go for the cheapest option, I picked up the ones which shouted the loudest.  Strangely enough I walked straight by the bakery and cream cakes, past the crisps and biscuits and came home with a variety of different boxes of cereals, some very juicy ready to eat apricots and some cashew nuts and this morning I picked up a bunch of bananas on my way out too.

          I’ve been drinking about double the amount of water I usually do, I’ve been pretty dehydrated over the last few weeks too – almost to the headache stage and my cashew nuts and apricots have settled on the top next to the kettle where I pick at them while waiting for it to boil.  I can see a few healthy signs creeping in, so I guess I’ve made a start.  My skin seems to think it’s helping too … apparently, according to my “dermatology expert” it’s detoxing which is why the picture for today is taken peering into the bag of cashew nuts  and not of my volcanous chin.

11 thoughts on “Detox

  1. Food = anxiety: full stop. I’m vegetarian and feel better in many ways for giving up meat but my weakness is cheese. Yes, that artery clogger and bad fat depositer 😦 Like you, I try to be good and succeed in some ways (I admit to feeling rather virtous when I’ve added tomatoes to my cheese 🙂 ).

    Seriously, don’t get too hung up on food. You are listening to your body which is something I also do (that’s when chocolate comes into the equation 😉 ).

    Sorry, Sallyann. I don’t know whether I can offer any serious food tips – I’m good one minute, and bad the next (according to my mood and my cravings ……. ). The words ‘opened’ and ‘hornet’s nest’ come to mind. Someone with some seriously useful dietary tips will come along soon ……

    • I’m a great eater of cheese too, I like most dairy products which is where I guess my protien comes from. I’m afraid I gave up chocolate over five years ago now. The coco bean in any form gives me such mood swings, that’s coco butter too, so white chocolate is a no no as well. 😦
      I don’t remember having an iron problem when I ate chocolate though. 🙂

  2. Bananas are amazing for you! I guess I am lucky that I adore vegetables. My partner however does not share my enthusiasm for many, especially green leafy ones, so I started to cook them (spinach or chard for instance) sauteed with olive oil, mushrooms, garlic, lemon, pepper and onion, plus some Romano cheese. He actually likes it that way and it disguises the green leafy stuff enough for him to eat it.. ha ha.. now I’m working on the squash thing… there are many good books for parents on how to include veggies into things so their kids don’t know they are there.. maybe some of those recipes would work for you. 😀

  3. I said someone would come along with some good food tips! I was being a little flippant yesterday as I had totally screwed up my calorie intake whilst out and had low blood sugar as a result – so I thought: what do I know!

    Sheila’s post reminded me about the dark green leafy veg. Watercress is nice in a sandwich and is high in iron. Also rocket with tomatoes and Italian cheese such as mozzarella on tasty herby Italian bread is good (with a dash of pesto). Spinach and mushroom lasagne is something I like to make. It can be frozen and then re-heated when required. Again, spinach is high in iron – as are eggs and chick peas. I researched all this when I had similar iron problems early last year. Even with adjusting my diet to include the above, I was prescribed iron by my doctor – although I couldn’t take the tablets as they are coated in gelatine (animal product). I discovered liquid iron instead and took that for a while.

    Iron is a very complicated mineral and I discovered that it needs to be combined with Vitamin C for optimal uptake – hence the reason tomatoes are good when eaten with leafy veg. Also, calcium can prevent its absoption.

    Your night shifts must make it very difficult as your body clock will be out of sync.

    • Bananas from Sheila and eggs from you 🙂 … just a few more ingredients for a banana cake. 😀
      No seriously, thanks both, I do eat banans regularly and as for eggs I often get the craving for them at the same time of the month but I didn’t realise they were high in iron too, that’s useful to know.
      I try and take my iron pills with vitamin C, either as a banana or something similar, or since I take cranberry tablets too, I combine them. I knew caffine stops iron, but I didn’t know calcium could prevent the absorption of iron though. I’ll have to remember that one. 🙂

  4. Hit that healthy stuff, Sallyann, your body knows itself! I’ve been saved by working in Africa for some years, where the vast mountains of fresh fruit, veg and meat really gave me a taste for those things – I can stuff in fruit and veg til its coming out of my ears! I overeat of course – that’s why I’m The FATman! – but its often bigger than should be portions of fruit and veg. Good luck, stay with it!!! Adrian

    • Staying with it so far !!
      I remember the fruit at the market in Venice, it was huge, I went with Eldest Daughter and we bought a supply to eat on the way home. Problem was that on the way home was two days after the liquid bombs on the planes so there were all sorts of delays … and restrictions on what you could take on board.
      We ended up giving our fruit to a mum who was stuck at the airport with three small children over night. (we were one of the lucky ones who’s flight was still going home)

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