Beauty or blot ?

          So, are these towering metal structures blots on the landscapes, spoiling the natural skyline ?

          Or are they beautiful man-made giants full of angles and flowing lines to compliment and frame natures pictures ?

          Personally, I think they’re wonderful, but then I’ve always liked geometric shapes, and enjoy the challenge to find something beautiful somewhere unexpected.

           Look here to see more of “Guildford

9 thoughts on “Beauty or blot ?

    • I think they must an acquired taste… first you don’t like them, then you get used to them, then they’re not so bad after all. In a few hundred years when they’ve been replaced by their next generation, I wonder if we’ll miss them ?

  1. Sometimes I think they’re beautiful. Other times, not so much. I think it depends on where I find them. They do remind me of giants, though, no matter where they are located. 🙂

    • I like the strong lines, and the way they flow though the picture, but I can also see how easily they could spoil a beautiful timeless scene and have to admit to changing position to avoid catching them in the shot. 🙂

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