Hats and Bonnets

Photo from Judith

          Meet Maisie and Juliet, good friends of Imogen, all three ladies have been featuring in “Judith’s blog” and we have been following their antics with smiling anticipation.

          We were first introduced to Maisie and Juliet in “Hats On” where we were intrigued to find them sitting on a beach wearing their colourful hats.  The adventure unfolded in “Hats On Again” , “New Hats” and drew to its conclusion in “The Beach” where all was revealed.

          A short time later I spotted two bonnets on the back window of a very old green taxi cab and passed a picture of them in Judith’s direction hoping for another visit from Maisie and her friends, Judith didn’t disappoint and this time we were introduced to Maisie’s grand-daughter, Daisy, and her friend, Charlotte, in “The Bonnets“.  I won’t spoil the story for you, but you really must drop over to Judith’s posts, “The Bonnets – part 2” and “The Bonnets – part 3“, to follow the exploits of Daisy and Charlotte, and eventually go to “The Bonnets – Lost” to find out how the hats arrived on the back window of the taxi.

          So there they sat, stranded high and dry in the back window of the green taxi, destined to spend the rest of their days baking in the hot sunshine and hiding behind the glass from the clouds and rain.  We know how they arrived there, but as for how long they’ve been there is anybody’s guess.  Poor little bonnets … but never fear, Judith was on the case again, Maisie, Juliet and Imogen came to their rescue … read on …  “Found at last“.

          But does the story stop there, in Judith’s last post on the subject, ” Yet more on the Bonnets” it would appear the three ladies found more than just the bonnets in their adventures.  A swarthy gentleman in the Panama hat was spotted by “Thomas Stazyk” lurking in the department store and later driving past Masie’s in a late-model sports car.  So does the story continue ?

          Incidentally, you can see the bonnets still sitting on the back window of the green taxi here, but a few days later, not long after Maisie, Juliet and Imogen had retrieved them, they disappeared.  The green taxi no longer raises a smile on my way to town because it has finally been retired, but the shiny new black one sits proudly in its place to remind me of the bonnet adventures every time I pass.

9 thoughts on “Hats and Bonnets

    • I thought so too, I was looking at one very similar to the green one the other day in town, slightly more fitted around the head though, and it was grey with a black ribbon. 🙂

  1. Thanks Sallyann. I really enjoyed the saga of the Hats and Bonnets and love the way you have introduced it to your readers. I am working on the next phase – swarthy gent in sports car – so watch this space. 🙂

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