Poorly Alice

31-2011-07-31-eyelashes          Alice is poorly, keep your fingers crossed for her.

         She’s stopping over at the vets at the moment, but I couldn’t sleep so I’ve just phoned and she’s doing well.

          We think she’s got a water infection. Rabbits don’t eat when they’re in pain so she’s off her food and by not eating she’s messed up her delicate digestive system.

          She was on a drip but she’s chewed through the tube so now she’s being given extra fluids by injections, she’s on antibiotics to clear any infection, and painkillers and gut stimulant to sort out the digestion.

          She’s eating again … and pooing … so hopefully the antibiotics will work and she’ll be better enough to come home tomorrow (actually tomorrow is already here so I’d better try and get a couple more hours of sleep).

   Fingers crossed.

15 thoughts on “Poorly Alice

  1. Just to let you know, Alice seems to be fixed, she’s running around causing just as much (if not more) chaos as she always has. Thanks for all your well wishes and crossed fingers. 🙂

    • Thanks, me too. 🙂
      The medicine is all finished and she’s hopping around the garden doing all the things she should be doing …and a few she shouldn’t, but of course, she’s forgiven. 🙂

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