Cardiff Castle animal wall

          Following on from yesterday’s post “Lions and tigers and bears“, here are the six animal sculptures which were added to the Cardiff Castle Animal Wall in 1831; a pair of racoons, an ant-eater and a pelican, a leopard, a beaver and a vulture. The new animals were sculptured by Alexander Carrick and don’t have the glass eyes like the original nine, if you compare them you can pick out the two different sets, I think my favourite would have to be the racoons.

          You can see the ant-eater has a slightly different coloured nose, there’s been a recent restoration program on the animals and the ant-eater benifited from this with his new nose.  If you look again at yesterday’s animals you can see a few lighter bits here and there on those too.

          Poking around a bit more online, (I just googled “Cardiff Castle Animal Wall” and got loads of results to look at), I found out that there were plans to demolish the wall to widen the road again but the plans were dropped after so many objections by the public.  I also found out that the wall is listed as a Grade 1 building.

           More from before : various visits to “Cardiff” .


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