Watching and waiting

          On reading “Aj’s post” today I was reminded of a time when I sat watching a photographer crouching in the middle of the road with his tripod pointing at a wall !  I sat, watching and, waiting for my turn to see what was so interesting.

          I was well rewarded.  We were at the top of Portland which is well-known for its stone, but also for its fossils.  The hotel at the top not only had wonderful views in its favour, but also many, many fossils built into its surrounding wall.  These were the two that the photographer had gone to so much trouble to shoot, needless to say, I got down on my knees in the middle of the road and snapped them too, probably with nowhere near as good results.

          As is often the case with my photos, the “Alternate view” was probably just as good, if not better in a lot of people’s eyes so here are a few of the snaps I took in the other direction too.

          These last pictures were taken from Portland looking over to Weymouth across the Chiswell beach way back in September 2009, when the start of the olympic building had only just started, they probably look a lot different now from the same position.

          Oh dear, I’ll just have to have another visit to Weymouth and Portland to check out the new layouts, shame that isn’t it ?

           More from before: various visits to “Weymouth“.

7 thoughts on “Watching and waiting

  1. I think the image that I would have most liked capturing would have been that of you on your knees doing your happy snapping! 😉

    Thanks for the mention… enjoy your day!

    • Thanks, my watching and waiting paid off nicely this time. 🙂
      I hadn’t really thought about there being more lighthouses, I’ll have to look them up for my next visit.

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