Orange yogurt cake

          A deliciously moist madeira style cake with a hint of the tang of orange.

          Have I got your attention ?

          I was given the recipe for this cake by Hubby’s Aunt when the girls were small, and at the time a well-known brand of low-fat yogurt came in pots of 200g each.  These were great as one egg was required for each 50g of yogurt and the mixture with 4 eggs was the perfect size for two of my 2lb loaf tins. (sorry I don’t know the metric equivalent for the tin size).

          After sticking loyally to the same brand of yogurt for years and making, I don’t know how many cakes from it, I noticed that they had  changed their pot size to 190g !  I was astounded, luckily my cake mix still worked with the four eggs, but that wasn’t the point, the yogurt was still the same price but they’d ripped me off for 10g of it !

          I haven’t made cakes for ages now, but last weekend I decided it was time to do some baking again, I bought the ingredients I needed and couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked the size of the yogurt pot  175g ! That’s right one hundred and seventy-five grammes !

          Do they think we’re stupid ? Do the manufacturers think that we won’t notice a whole spoonful of yogurt missing from our pot, (which by the way appears to be the same size lid, if not exactly the same shape as before … and of course, the same price).

          WELL ! … Well … Oh !

          What’s a girl to do ?

          I’ll tell you what I did … I bought a different brand, two pots of yogurt at 125g each and put them with a mixture including 5 eggs to split between my two loaf tins.  THERE !!!  That’ll learn em.

          It’s ok, rant over, it’s safe to come out from behind the computer now.  Do you want the recipe ?   It really is a lovely cake.


2 x 125g pots of orange yogurt,
2 x 125g pots of sunflower oil,
4 x 125g pots of sugar,
6 x 125g pots of self-raising flour,
5 eggs (1 egg for each 50g of yogurt).

          Mix all ingredients together and beat well, help the mixture to pour into two 2lb loaf tins and bake for one and a half hours on gas 3.

          Don’t be tempted to take the cake out of the oven before the time is up, it’s supposed to look dark brown and crusty on top, oh, and I line my tin with a strip of baking paper along the base because I’ve never mastered the art of getting a cake out of the tin in one piece, this way I just slide a knife around the outside and peel the paper off when it’s out.

          If orange isn’t really your thing then try another flavour yogurt, peach or banana for instance, but be prepared for a pinker cake if you decide to use one of the darker yogurts.

          Oh, just one more thing, chocolate chips or a small amount of cinnamon go very nicely in the orange or banana cake but don’t be tempted to add cocoa powder as the yogurt taste is delicate and easily drowned out.

           More from before : “Cakes and Biscuits“.


9 thoughts on “Orange yogurt cake

    • Ha ha, I’m afraid my talents in the kitchen end with baking, as far as actual cooking goes – if you can’t smell burning … it’s salad for dinner. 🙂

  1. This cake looks and sounds wonderful. I can’t remember the last time I baked a cake. Might be a good time to try this one. 🙂

    I recently read an article in which the heads of the companies that I have downsizing their products (but not their prices!) has said that consumers prefer downsizing to a hike in the price. I wish they’d bothered to ask me. I’d rather take on a small increase in the price. At least that way my recipes would work out.

    • Its annoying isn’t it.
      Makes me wonder if things really were bigger and better when we were younger and we were just too gullible to notice that they’re been downsizing all along. :-S

    • Uh-hu, that’s the one. 🙂
      Have you seen the banana cake recipe I’ve been given ?
      It’s really easy, put all the ingredients into one bowl and mix. 🙂

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