Walking home

          “Let’s Walk” with Robin and some other blogging buddies.

          Robin has organised a group walk, run, jog, etc. this week.  We’re all going to ‘walk’ and then blog about it to share the fun and Robin is going to link the blogs all together in one post so that we can all experience each other’s walk.

          I was planning on walking on Saturday, one of my “awake days” but other things have put a stop to that bit of fun (I’ll tell you about the weekend after its happened), so since I walk home from work each morning after the night shift I thought I’d blog about this morning’s walk home.  The problem is, my walk home isn’t always very interesting so I might have to call on a few photographs and memories from other mornings to make it more fun.

          First of all, I sat in the cloakroom and waited for the sun to wake up so that I could take some photos on the way home.  By 6.30 am the cloud blanket meant the sun still hadn’t got out of bed so I set off anyway.

          The other day I commented on the days starting later and later, then was wonderfully surprised the following morning with a beautiful sunrise to start my “Early morning” as I left the building.

          No such sunrise today, but since I was late, I bought three packs of little golden syrup pancakes for my daughters for breakfast.

          The traffic was loads busier than usual, it’s surprising how much difference just half an hour makes to the amount of traffic at that time in the morning.

          I negotiated the busy roundabout, thankful for the island in the middle of the road, and set off along my normal route up the main road.  The main road isn’t the pleasantest of walks, but at that time in the morning, it’s probably the safest.

          There were lots of faces waiting on the bus stop, but nobody greeted me with a smile and a good morning, the regulars had already departed for work on the earlier bus, I realised how much I enjoy the regular interaction with the regular commuters and was reminded of a previous “Quiet morning” when I was walking home from work and it seemed the rest of Brittain had been given the day off … April 29th, last year, The Royal Wedding.

         On my way into work, I was going to say a few weeks ago but on looking back to find the post “Tyred” I found it was over four months ago (doesn’t time fly), I wrote about some tyres left outside a local garage.  The tyres have been left out quite often since, and (as little boys do), someone has been helping themselves to the tyres to play with.  One such tyre was leaned on the wall next to the pelican crossing just before the garage today.  My night photography is not very good but it’s ok, after a couple of attempts I remembered I had a flash ( der ! ).

          A little further up the main road we come to a junction, it’s a sort of wonky crossroads, the main road here is still on my left but if you were walking with me in march and looked across it to the patch of grass slightly further up on the other side you would see a mass of yellow, each year this is the first daffodil patch to open.  They weren’t there today, but this nice yellow spring flower is always a pleasure to see, so I’ll help your imagination along a little.

2012-03. Daffodil head.

          Ok, lets keep heading along the main road, negotiate the next roundabout and head towards the bridge.  It wasn’t raining last night and the road is dry here but earlier in the week was a different story.  It tipped down all night and the road under the bridge flooded.  It was still raining on my way home so I set up my little tripod on someone’s garden wall, sheltering under their tree, and tried to catch a few shots of the cars splashing through the puddle.    I managed two, not very good ones, but you can see the general idea from them.

          Under the bridge we go today in the dry, against the flow of extra commuters heading for the station.  The road works to the left of me causing more than a few fed-up faces in the cars stopped at the traffic lights.  Onwards and upwards, although only a very slight hill, until I can see the next bus stop in the near distance.

          First the double-decker bus, that’s ok, it’s not the one I’m watching for, then the single bus … shall I run, will I get there ? … no chance, these legs of mine have been walking around for most of the night and all they’ve got left in them is a plod.  The bus doors close and it trundles off past me.  I really can’t eat the three packets of breakfast pancakes in my bag myself, I’ve still got far too much of “Herman” to eat, what to do now ?

          Never fear – technology’s here – thanks to my sister’s latest mobile phone upgrade I have an all singing, all dancing smart phone in my pocket and a quick call to Eldest Daughter saved me from the extra calories, the bus had been the earlier one and if I waited she’d see me at the next.

          Not one, or two, but all three Daughters arrived at the bus stop, they’ve all recently changed their jobs and have joined the commuters to Oxford for their nine to five office jobs, it was almost like a family re-union.  I sent them off yawning, and bleary eyed with little pancakes each to the start of their working day while I trudged the last of my journey home to end mine.

          A certain little furry friend was waiting patiently in her hutch pleased to see me but wondering why I was so late letting her out.  When she’s bouncing around first thing in the morning is not the easiest time to try to take a photo of Alice so I’ll leave you with one of her “Strimming the edges” of the grass in the back garden from a little while ago to end this walk home with another smile.  Thanks for walking with me, join me again sometime.


13 thoughts on “Walking home

  1. I love this, Sallyann!! It’s a wonderful walk, and I really like the way you put it all together (and ended with the always cute Alice). I think the shots of the cars going through puddles are good. You have splash and motion. The sunrise and daff are beautiful. The tire (tyre) shot is quite interesting. Well done on all of it. 😀

    It’s a funny thing, but I always thought my walks must be very boring and couldn’t understand why people seem to like them so much. Now I know. I really enjoyed going for a walk with you. It was fun, interesting, and different from what I see and do every day.

    • Thanks Robin, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂
      I’ve walked around your pond so many times now I almost feel as if I’ve been there, sitting on the decking and dipping my toes in the water with you.
      As you say, very different from what I see and do every day. 😀

  2. I am in awe of those who take such lovely photos. Armed with only my little point & shoot, I explore France and try to share the moments.

    Thanks for the follow on one of my blogs.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I have just a little red point-and-shoot too, sometimes it really surprises me with the results. 🙂
      I’m looking forward to exploring France with you. 😀

    • Thanks, walking home from work that early on a day like today meant I missed all the rain as I spent all day wrapped in a nice warm duvet. 🙂
      I do have to hope for good weather on my “awake days” on weekends though. 🙂

    • Thanks Adrian, I’m still undecided about the car pictures. Maybe because I was tired, and getting cold and wet, plus the fact that I’m sitll not quite sure about what I was looking for with the camera.

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  4. Hi there Sallyann! I just loved the story of your morning walk home. I think it’s great that you live within walking distance of your job – great for you physically and financially with the cost of gasoline these days! Alice is a cutie!

    • Thanks for stopping by Karma, I enjoyed your walk too. I don’t drive so the distance to my job was one thing I had to take into account when I took it. If Hubby’s on the right shift then I can sometimes get a lift in, it takes me about 25 mins to walk in, and 35 mins to walk home (it’s slightly up hill and I’m usually tired), but the half hour or so back and for seems to blow the cobwebs away and it’s quite often a pleasant walk to do. 🙂
      Call again anytime. 🙂

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