The sneeze !

          Where to start ?  I guess at the very beginning is as good a place as any.

          We were up at stupid O’clock to throw the last of the packing in the case and head off for the train.  My first smile of the morning came as we left the house and Hubby turned to wave goodbye to the imaginary house-sitter in the empty bedroom window for the benefit of the people at the bus stop outside watching us trundle off with our suitcase.

          We managed to find seats on the busy commuter train to London and settled down for the ride.  I’d taken a puzzle book, but managed to work out how to get online with Chiltern railway’s free wifi so spent the time catching up on a few comments and reading a few blogs on the way.


          Oh no !  the train was packed, the commuters were trapped in the confines of the carriage, no windows to open, no doors to escape through !  I laughed quietly to myself, imagining the little germs flying through the air ” Whey Hey” off the flew to land on as many commuters as they could.  This time next week the little bugs would be jumping into someone elses tissue.  Hubby had been given a flu jab in work the week before, he’d sniffled a bit for a few days afterwards but in theory the little bugs should just pass over him uninterested.  However, I realised I was absent-mindedly clicking my teeth with my fingernail so I took my hand away from my mouth and clamped it shut so the bugs couldn’t get in … until something else caught my attention and I nervously clicked my teeth with my nail again.

          At Marylebone Hubby parted the crowds as I trundled along in his wake behind our black suitcase with its turquoise strap.  We pushed our way into the busy underground carriages and I squeezed into a seat while Hubby stood with the case as we headed for the Eurostar station.

          The little red camera was out of the question on the underground with everyone squashed together, trying not to make eye contact with the other hundreds of commuters that they were sharing the uncomfortable silence with.  Out came the phone, off went the flash setting, and click went the hidden camera to snap away un-noticed at the fellow travellers.

2012-10. Underground feet.

          Eurostar or plane to France ?  Hubby asked the question and I pondered the answer.

          By plane, he would drive to the airport in London, check in our luggage then wait at the airport for the plane, fly, and arrive in France a short while later.  I don’t mind actually flying at all, taking off is fine, no problems there either and I still enjoy the view from the clouds so it’s still fun to do.  However, my ears pop a LOT on the plane and no matter what I try – sucking sweets, chewing gum, ear-plugs – they still really, really hurt on the way back down – and for a good while afterwards.

          By Eurostar, we walk to the local station and catch the train to Marylebone, then change at a few underground stops to get to St. Pancras where we book into our seats there.  Not much in it so far.  When we’re on the train though, we have to keep our luggage with us and find it a space in the luggage racks. The train journey takes longer than the plane ride but you don’t have to arrive as early before at the station as you do at the airport.

          I think the deciding factor for my choice is made by my ears.  Although they do still pop in the tunnel, they don’t hurt for ages afterwards.  So the Eurostar has it !

          I’ll leave you with another snap taken from the phone on my camera, this time it was nestled un-obtrusively on top of my handbag during the wait for the Eurostar.

2012-10. Waiting for Eurostar.

          Like to see more of “Lille” ?


4 thoughts on “The sneeze !

  1. I really like trains and they would be my first choice although they are expensive and sometimes very crowded. I’ve never been on the Eurostar; as a claustrophobic, I have a fear of getting stuck in the tunnel!

    • I like trains too, very often if you book online early you can get a cheep ticket, you have to time it right though. I can go and visit my sister in Cardiff for anywhere between £80 and £20, depending on when I book the ticket.

  2. I love the idea of waving to the windows just to fool those who might be watching you leave with suitcases. lol! It’s very clever. 🙂 Taking the train is by far my favorite way to travel.

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