Le Petit Déjeuner

          Breakfast in Lille …

          We don’t always eat breakfast when we stay at a hotel, but in Lille we did.  Hubby enjoyed the selection of French cheeses and the variety of breads whilst I went for the sweeter options, croisants, brioche bread … and Speculoos !

          Mmmmm … Speculoos !

          I was first introduced to Speculoos in Brugge, I talked about a belgium waffle and showed a picture of it in the post “Fame and Fortune” and from then on in, I’ve been hooked.

          Now most types of waffles come with Nutella on them, the French people just can’t seem to get enough of the nutty chocolate spread.  However, I don’t eat chocolate.  Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate … it just doesn’t like me.  Chocolate gives me really high “high’s” and unfortunately these are followed by equally low “low’s”.

          I’ve been known to eat four or five mars bars in one sitting, and binge on chocolate for months at a time so you can imagine the mood swings in which this results.  I decided to cut out the chocolate completely, it’s not the sugar or the caffeine which seems to affect me, it’s the actual cocoa bean so that means no cocoa butter either, and no white chocolate.  I haven’t had chocolate (on purpose) for well over five years now, but don’t feel sorry for me, I’ve found loads of other goodies to substitute for it instead.

          One of which being Speculoos.

          So, what is Speculoos ?

          Well, have you ever bought a cup of coffee in one of those posh coffee shops where they put a complimentary caramel flavoured biscuit on your saucer ?  Imagine that delicious caramelly buiscuity taste prepared to the consistency of a chocolate spread and squeezed into a jar for you to do with as you will … that’s Speculoos.

          Unfortunately Speculoos isn’t available in the UK,  I bought a jar in Brugge, and then I found it again when we visited Nice, and again on our visit to Lille.  I was tempted to buy a whole suitcase full, but resisted the urge.

          I brought home two jars this time but when they’re gone I’ll have to wait until we holiday in the right area again … or will I ?

          The jar has a website on the side www.lotusbakeries.com so I thought I’d just see if I could order some online. The English-speaking site doesn’t have any, and the French site is all in French but I’m sure if I sent them an e-mail we could work something out.

          Then … I spotted this link on the page … “try me free” !!!

          Woop Whoop !!!

          P.s. no, I didn’t take my camera down to breakfast with me, I did take my phone though which is how I took the breakfast photo.  We sat at a little table for two, eating breakfast, and listening to Frank Sinatra singing it his way.  I took a quick snap of the breakfast and sent it off to the girls, then tried to add “le petit dejeuner avec Frank Sinatra to the message but couldn’t spell dejeuner.  Too impatient to wait until we had finished breakfast to check the spelling in the notice in the lift, I asked the breakfast waitress to type the word into my phone for me… “pour mes enfants”, I explained.  Needless to say on our second morning, she didn’t need to ask our room number to check if we were supposed to be there for breakfast, she just remembered us and smiled.

           More from before : A city-break in “Lille“, October 2012.


11 thoughts on “Le Petit Déjeuner

  1. YUM! I brought a bag of speculaas cookies home from Europe last month for the kids. I think I ate almost the whole bag myself…

  2. Oh my goodness… Speculoos sounds like something I would LOVE. Caramel is my all-time favorite flavor. Chocolate is okay, but I could not live without the occasional caramel or caramel-flavored something.

    • Ha ha, you’ll have to watch out for it, I’m sure that since it tastes sooo gooood that the new launch is going to be a huge success here and then they’ll expand all over the world. 😀

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