Hereford’s bull

          Here’s a picture of the Hereford bull I mentioned in yesterday’s post … and the Starbucks coffeeshop where I sat drinking my coffee and poking at the keyboard on my phone with one finger to do the post.

          Hubby has a regular team competition in Hereford at this time of year so I’ve been there quite often in the Autumn, I’m prety sure there’s usually one in January and again in June but since they’re individual comps he normally chooses the November one as it’s a much more social event.  The November visit has so far managed to co-incide with Remembrance Sunday everytime but this year it was a week earlier.  On the Saturday the market square is full of shoppers … and of course market stalls, so a picture of the old black and white house is not very easy to get, this time, without the parade barriers around it, I managed a couple of nice ones on the Sunday morning, possibly because of the rain and not inspite of it, as the Sunday shoppers didn’t get up too early.

          You can see why the children wanted to play with the bull can’t you, he’s such a friendly looking beast and his large circular platform just invites you to climb up and say hello.

           More from before : “Hereford” wanderings.


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