Getting about in Nice

          Getting about was quite easy in Nice, the transport available varied from large to small, energetic to relaxing …

          Of course there was the plane we arrived on, you can see the jet stream over the wing as we flew down towards the airport …

          I didn’t catch the ferry with the camera, but here’s a picture of the ferry loading bay taken from the castle above, looking down on Nice port …

          Remember the tram purring gently in and out of “Place Massena“, one of the main squares in Nice …

          The taxi bikes were great fun, we didn’t ride in one, but we saw them everywhere, different bikes sponsored by different companies …

          And remember “Boris’ bikes” and “Sunshine cycling” ?

          You could hire a Segway from the prom, here’s the assistant giving a demonstration on how to lean forwards and backwards to increase speed or slow down.  They looked like fun but decided to just balance on my own two feet …

          And I hope this last picture makes you smile as much as it did me …

           More from before : my holiday in “Nice, France“, July 2012.


6 thoughts on “Getting about in Nice

  1. Great fun and great photos! Yes, the last one was a laugh. Perhaps someday I shall get to spend some time up in and near Lille. Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I am glad you enjoyed some of the posts.

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