Virtually walking

          My mouth hurts … again.

          After editing a few photos still sitting unsorted on my laptop of Launton I realised I’ve been sitting here in pretty much the same mood as when I was “Wallowing” last time after a trip to the dentist but I’ve got too many things I should be doing instead to go off for a walk in the sunshine so I’ll share a few more Launton photos with you and go for a virtual walk while waiting for the washing machine to finish.

          The sun is out again today and the sky is a lot bluer than last time when I walked past this weathervane, I think it was on the old school building, and it looks like a rabbit with a book to me, but I’m not sure.

          A little further on we’ll pass the village Stores and Post Office, it’s closed today since it’s Sunday.

          We’ll turn left and go past the Bethel Congregational Church, and maybe sit on the bench for a few minutes next to the old water pump.

          There’s a pretty pond a little further up, and the farm with the chickens, but we won’t go that far today, we’ll just go up as far as the old terraced houses and turn back.

          From here it’s back to the main road through town, and the Bull Inn.

          I’ve been told they do a very nice Sunday Lunch here so feel free to stop for a while, I’m going to carry on home because I think I’ve just heard the washing machine coming in to land in the kitchen.

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13 thoughts on “Virtually walking

  1. Lovely walk, Sallyann. Thank you. 🙂 I love that weathervane. It’s look like a rabbit with a book to me, too. I think I’ll stop for lunch, or at least a cuppa. 🙂

  2. Wow Sallyann. Great photos as usual. And as I hadn’t heard of Launton I Googled it. It really is a lovely place and I learned that the first time it “The first time that Launton appears in history is at the time of the death of Edward the Confessor in 1065, when he endowed the newly-built Westminster Abbey with the income from some of his estates, including Launton.” So thanks for sharing this walk with us. 🙂

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    • Thanks, another tooth out, hopefully this is the last of a long dentistry problem and I don’t have to go back until March when I can have some “teeth like stars” (they’ll come out at night) to fill the gap that is now left behind … keep your fingers crossed for me.

      • Good luck! My fingers are indeed crossed. You seem to have been going to the dentist quite some time now.
        I should pay one a visit soon… before my teeth start coming out whenever they feel like… not to go back either! 😉

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