Lady with the Harp

Harp lady.

          Hey, do you remember this picture from my post “Cardiff Tourist” ?

          Introducing Sam, she’s the Lady with the Harp.  Sam found the picture of her online and dropped in to add her “comment” to the conversations about the harp and the man with the knobbly knees in the black and white striped trousers.

          It appears we were right about those beautiful turquoise shoes, they were there to weigh the box and the sheet down to prevent them blowing away in a sudden gust of Cardiff breeze, and the man with the striped trousers … Sam said he sat there for three hours listening to her play then gave her £180 as a donation to her cause.  On the day I saw her, Sam was busking for a friend who was trekking Machu Picchu for motor neurone disease, Sam raised £230 for the cause.

          I’d just like to add  a thankyou to the man with the trousers, partly for his generous donation to Sam’s cause, but mostly for his three hours of time, without his being there Sam wouldn’t have remembered the time so clearly and we wouldn’t have been chatting about him so he is the link to holding a handful of virtual friends together on a damp Saturday morning in Cardiff.


           More from before : various visits to “Cardiff” .


7 thoughts on “Lady with the Harp

  1. I had the pleasure of spending a little time with Sam. Quite a lady, very multi-talented. If I am correct she plays seven instruments, and she is the next Nigella (probably bettter). I love this image!

    • Quite a lady indeed. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. And if you should spend any time with Sam again, please will you tell her I said hi. 😀

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