Housed in Hereford

          Hereford Cathedral is by far the most famous “house” in Hereford.  The work still continues on restoring it so it still has a number of scaffolding drapes covering the surface but by moving a couple of feet here and there I managed to find a good shot without the supports to show you this magnificent building close up.  Probably too close up, but there’s always next time.

          Herefordshire holds a few other surprises in the houses department though, the black and white house in the middle of Hereford, shown in “Hereford Bull” is just one of the old houses on the quite famous “Black and White trail”.

          I’ve visited Leominster before and apparently the trail starts there with a good supply of these pretty houses still standing, maybe I’ll hop on a train to Leominster again next time there’s a comp in Hereford.

          The house in the middle of Hereford town has now been turned into a museum, I didn’t go into the museum, the Starbucks next door had  bigger pull for me on the cold Sunday morning, then fortified with my coffee I was content to play outside with the camera for a while.

          At the other end of town, leading down to the Wye bridge, is the Black Lion, again I was content to just play outside with the camera but I’m sure Hubby can be persuaded to take us inside during our stay in Hereford for next years competition.

           More from before : “Hereford” wanderings.


8 thoughts on “Housed in Hereford

    • I said Leominster for ages while I looked into the area for family tree research online but was “re-educated” when I bought a train ticket to visit there by the amused ticket seller. 🙂

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