Hereford Rowing Club

          Going back to another cold Sunday morning, this time in Hereford while Hubby spent more time in the sports centre, I wandered around with the camera again. After my coffee and my time spent watching “Hereford’s Bull” I set off past the Black Lion pub and over Wye Bridge, a route I’ve ambled along often, but instead of turning left as usual I took the path down towards the Wye River on the left of the bridge.  A glance back at the bridge with the Cathedral behind it as shown in “From a distance” meant this was the furthest I’d been in this direction.

          The bank of the river was dotted with men quietly fishing, although there wasn’t a lot of peace and quiet to be found on the river.  Hereford Rowing Club was out in full force, with small canoes racing back and for against the clock.  I stopped for a while and watched as their rowing team headed for the water too.

          Obviously they had other things on their minds than to notice me clicking away while they maneuvered the steps with a co-ordinated effort.

          Out onto the small ramps, and then into the water .

          It took them a while for everyone to get in, the team of six rowers, and the cox climbing into the back and wrapping her tartan blanket over her knees.

           Eventually they were all in, they moved away from the steps and waited for their turn to go, the time-keeper giving out countdown warnings at five second intervals.

          Finally they were off, under the Hunderton Bridge and away into the distance.

            More from before : “Hereford” wanderings.


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