Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

          The category of flora and fauna means basically flowers and leaves, but what about Merryweather ? I couldn’t possibly leave her out could I ?

          Well, for those of you who haven’t watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are the names of the three good fairies who of course are on the side of the sleeping beauty, princess Aurora, and battle against the evil witch who tries to put her into a deep sleep.

          Of course true love wins the day and a dashing Prince Philip rescues her and they dance off into the happy ever after.

          As they do Flora and Merryweather argue over princess Aurora’s dress colour, Flora wants it to be pink and Merryweather wants it blue so they flick their wands and the dress changes colour from pink to blue to pink again as Aurora dances away with her prince.

          Back to reality – or the blog version of reality as it is – on the right side of the page (probably near the bottom if you’re reading the blog on your phone) there’s a drop down box headed “Who,What, When and Where”, you can use this to browse though old posts by chosen category if you feel the urge, it also helps me to add a link at the bottom of a post for previous posts on the same subject.

          I’ve been adding and sorting a few new categories so take peek and let me know what you think. (bear in mind that I’ve still only got my little point and shoot with a macro mode though so don’t look too closely).



2 thoughts on “Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

    • Thanks, the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty were my favourite part, I guess when I first saw it I wasn’t quite old enough to think Prince Philip was quite so “charming”. 😀

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