Snap, Crackle and Pop

          There’s been a new addition to my garden, a huge blast from the past, a concrete rabbit from my Mum and Dad’s garden.

2012-12. Snap.

          Do little boys name their teddies and toys ?  I don’t believe the rabbit has a name, if it does I don’t remember hearing it in all these years so I’m going to give it a name now , I’m going to call it Snap.

          Ok, let me explain … Snap’s story goes back to when my Dad was a little boy, further back than his memory cares to take him.  My Grandad who I’ve always known as Pop, made two concrete rabbits to sit in their garden.  My Dad can’t remember how they were made, he just can’t remember a time when they weren’t there.

          The two rabbits used to live in the little concreted area just outside of the back door at Nana and Pop’s house, it wasn’t a large area, sort of the size you would have as a patio or decking area on a house today.  To the left as you looked out of the back door was a raised concrete platform, bearing in mind this memory is from my childhood when everything was bigger and better, I believe there used to be two steps to the side of it, or possibly three, and I have confuddled memories of both climbing onto it and stepping easily up to the platform, a raised stage, hidden from the outside world – I gave many a spotlighted performance on that stage.

          The two (or three) steps led up to a small gate which had the rest of the garden behind it, a garden which stretched for miles and had wonderful colours of all shapes and sizes as far as the eye could see, well, as far as my eyes could see, bearing in mind again I was only very small.

          The two rabbits used to move around the patio area, every time we visited they would be in a different place and I would go out to find them, I spent ages just smoothing them and talking to them, oh the stories and secrets they could tell if they had a mind to.

          As the years moved on, the rabbits were lost somewhere in the murky memories in my head until one day pretty recently when they suddenly surfaced again.  My own rabbit, “Alice“, and “Rabbitt” before her, have pretty much eaten the bottom two feet of my back garden so I’ve had to think “outside of the box” to add some colour and interest.  I was looking at some small stone animals to place on our patio and one day said to my Dad, “whatever happened to Pop’s two rabbits” …

          “I’ve got them, they’re in my garden”

          Wow, music to my ears, but try as I might, I couldn’t persuade him to part with them so that they could come and live with me, I just resigned myself to waiting until it was my turn … until Mum and Dad came up to visit this weekend, I’m sure my face would have said it all when I was called out the back to see what they’d brought me.

          Snap has at some stage had a coat of many different colours, my Dad has used a sand-blaster to remove most of them and return him to his former glory.  He’s also lost one of his feet, another reason why the name Snap suits him so well.  Dad says Snap’s foot has been missing for a long time and he doesn’t know what happened to it, but I’m sure there’s another memory in the murky depths of a little girl cuddling a concrete rabbit which was far too heavy for her and dropping it on its foot, followed by a Nana taking the little girl into the kitchen and giving her a treat to stop her from being too upset about it.

          Here’s a picture of my Grandad, “Pop” , and maybe one day I can take a picture of the second rabbit coming to live in my garden too, and I’ll name him Crackle.

35.) Pop.

10 thoughts on “Snap, Crackle and Pop

    • Thanks, Alice has given Snap a good sniff and I think she approves. As soon as we get some nice weather again I’ll see if I can get a photo of the two of them together. 🙂

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