I dropped in on Meg’s Travels today while doing a bit of blog reading and came across her post on “Window Views“.  I dragged my thoughts out of the dreamy Venice photos back to the first picture, a pretty flowered balcony which reminded me of a more recent holiday in Nice.

          The streets in Nice were often narrow and the buildings quite tall but somehow the locals still managed to find a little premium space to enjoy the warm sunshine.

          This busy little balcony for instance, was obviously well used, and very well cared for.

88. Busy balcony.

          The hotels along the sea front had rooms with balconies, I’m guessing you would have to pay a fortune for the privilege of having one though.

59a. Beach view balconies.

          Some of the poshest buildings in town had them,

138. Town balconies.

          But they weren’t always the prettiest, this old building with its balconies very much in need of a little TLC caught my eye when I spotted the border above the windows.

132. Old balcony.

          As for Venice, maybe I’ll be able to go again one day, in the meantime, I’ll just pop back to Meg’s travels and dream over her photos for a little longer.

           More from before :  my holiday in “Nice, France“, July 2012.


11 thoughts on “Balconies

    • Thanks, it was great to think about warm places. I sort through and back-up the whole years photos in January so there will be a few more warm pictures to follow (I have them backed up all over the place so they’re all safe, but I also have the whole years photos sitting on the laptop – it runs like a donkey).

    • Cropping ? Please do tell. 🙂
      I’m not against cropping at all but I do use most of my photos in my digital frame and as desktop backgrounds so bear in mind I usually stick to the photo ratio. 🙂

      • Yes, I think standard photo ratios restrict creativity quite a lot – and so this is the joy of being able to ignore them by posting photos onto blogs which are in the ether – and making hard copies of them in Blurb books – in neither of these environments are standard size ratios necessary – and so to my W-I-D-E pages etc.

        In this bottom picture of your’s, I think the sky, the object up on the roof and the streetlight are distractions – they draw my eyes away from the house’s beautiful colour, and its beautiful balcony and shutters.

        Hence I’d crop it along the tops of those beautiful ?floral decorations just below the roof’s gutter for the top of the frame. And, on the right, at the point the ?floral frieze on the house is met by the top of the rainwater pipe that is immediately left of the streetlight – this latter crop JUST gets by without cutting the right hand shutter I think – HOPE!

        You won’t all of the frieze below the roof in because the photo has not been taken front-on >>>> but what do you think? A

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