More balconies

          A few more balconies from Nice because I’m enjoying the sunshine …

          I like the way that the windows are framed by the shutters on this one although it did strike me as a bit strange that only one window had a balcony.

28. Balconies.

          I’m not sure it would be so easy to relax on this balcony with the constant reminder of the time.

24. Clock tower.

          The quiet back streets had shutters and balconies too.

127. Back street balconies.

          And I just loved this little balcony far up on the roof … the penthouse suite.

126. Penthouse balcony.

           More from before : my holiday in “Nice, France“, July 2012.


4 thoughts on “More balconies

  1. I like the top picture here very much, Sallyann, that’s a beautiful image!

    To me, its all in the colours of the wall, the shutters and the horizontal white above and below each window, the textures of the shutters, and the position of that single balcony – good stuff! Adrian

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