Well here’s a conundrum, I’m sitting here racking my brain to do a post which sums up what I did last year … and I can’t think of anything to say !

          I’ve been to lots of places, I can see that because I’ve taken lots of photos, (the photos for today were taken in Nice), I’ve gained a few pounds and changed the way I cut my hair.  I can see that too, the first is not so good, but I’m pleased with the latter.

          I’ve decorated the bathroom – no hang on, that was last year.  I’m still decorating the kitchen, moving it from one side of the room to the other, but I have finally put the skirting board around the back door and tiled behind the sink.  There isn’t much more to do in there now, just replace the extractor fan, level off the last of the wall, finish the wall-papering and paint the whole room, then paint the cupboard doors and box in a few pipes here and there and it’s finished. (apart from the floor but we’re getting someone in to do that bit)

          I’m still working in the same job, living the same twilight existence and sleeping too much.  On the other hand, “still working” is an achievement in itself within the current economic climate.

          I have almost got my teeth sorted.  I can actually eat food straight from the fridge and drink hot coffee now.  All the painful bits are done, the teeth which successive dentists have been “trying to save” have gone along with the pain and in a few months my mouth will be ready to have some new ones. (teeth like stars … which come out at night).  I’ve lost a piece of my smile along with my teeth, but I do smile more now which is also an achievement.

          I don’t do “new year’s resolutions”  I learned a long time that there’s no point because I never keep them, but I seem to remember that my head was more than a little messed up last year and when asked what I had planned for 2012 my reply ran somewhere along the lines of just getting to 2013 with my sanity intact.  Well, I’m here, I’m all in one piece (except for my teeth) so what’s next ?

          I seem to have used the word “procrastinating” a lot this year, I think I need a new word, maybe something which means doing something, or finishing what I’ve started or maybe just a way of saying I’m being more positive.  Any suggestions ?

          So, what would I like to have done by 2014 ?

          I think I would like to have achieved something, not necessarily something big or earth-shattering, just something, or lots of little somethings which would add up to a big something.

          I hope that 2012 was good to you, and that you managed to achieve any challenge you set for yourself.  Good luck for 2013, I hope it’s a good one that brings everything you want it to.

          Let’s see 2012 out with a bang or two …

266. Fireworks.

267. Fireworks.

268. Fireworks.

          … and look forwards to new horizons in 2013.

271-sunshine-coastlineHAPPY  NEW  YEAR  !!


7 thoughts on “2012

  1. What you should do for 2013… hang on and enjoy the ride!! Live and love… that’s what it’s all about!! 😉

    Thanks for sharing your life with us in 2012… I like seeing in through your window… if I’m allowed to say so and not sound like a pervert!! 😛

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