Before and after

132. Old balcony.

          Here’s the original picture I took in Nice of a very old balcony with a border underneath the guttering.  I posted it in “Balconies” with a few other pictures.

          Adrian “commented” that he liked it and a small discussion followed about cropping it.  On Adrian’s blog “FATman photos” he is a great fan of cropping his photos, sometimes with amazing results and sometimes, in my humble opinion, a little too harshly.  However, on this occasion I’ve followed his advice and  VERY  MUCH  approve in the difference it’s made to the picture.

          Thanks Adrian.  More advice is always welcome.

132. Old balcony.


2 thoughts on “Before and after

    • Thanks, I like it too. Cropping isn’t one of my strong points. 🙂
      I didn’t crop it because I wanted to keep all of the border but as you say, Adrian’s crop shows off the border more. 😀

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