Mosaic memories

         Hey, remember these pretty plates and pots from the “Flea market” in Brugge ?

30. Blue dishes.

32. Dishes and boat.

31. Oranges dishes.

          Well I found some just a pretty in the market in Nice too.

245. Mosaic dishes.

246. Orange moasics.

          I missed out on buying the ones in Brugge because the flea market wasn’t there for the following day when I returned so I was really pleased to see the ones in Nice.  However, upon closer inspection they looked a lot better than they felt so I just juggled them around on the table to take a better picture and settled for that.

          I think the memories of what the pots and plates looked like is much nicer than what they actually were and I’m sure it will improve even more with age.

          More from before: pictures from my holiday in “Brugge” in July 2011 and from “Nice” in July 2012.

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