One day …

          One day we’re going to be living in Weymouth, near enough to the sea to hear the seagulls and smell the salt air.  Hubby will be able to go for long walks along the beach relaxing to the sea gently rolling on to the sand or watching stormy waves crashing onto the rocks …

2009-09. Deckchairs.

 … and I’ll be able to sit on the side of the harbour dangling my feet over the end listening to the gentle lapping of the water on the side of the boats.

2009-09. Weymouth. Relaxing.

          …  One day.

          More from before:  various visits to “Weymouth“.

21 thoughts on “One day …

    • I heard somewhere that its considered lucky for a bird to choose you to poo on so maybe I could manage some luck, however, if the bird were a seagull sweeping down to steal a chip from my freshly caught, newspaper wrapped, fight and chips at the harbour then that would be a different matter. 🙂

  1. One day… would you not consider going along for a long walk on the odd occasion? Or… taking a small fishing rod to dangle a few bread crumbs at the fish? Just wondering… 😉

    One day… sounds sooo inviting!

    • Oh yes, most definitely both. 🙂
      but when originally choosing where to live I looked for a harbour and Hubby a beach and Weymouth has both … and so much more. 😀

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