Parc Zoologique de Lille

47. Parc Zooligique.

          I was very apprehensive going into the zoo at The Citadel,  my last experience of a zoo wasn’t too comfortable and as we’d arrived at the map in “Vous et ici” we had spotted a huge circus tent over to the right and dropped over to see what was there first.  As far as I know animals are no longer shown in British circuses but in Lille we found elephants in small enclosures belonging to the circus.  I took a few snaps but became more and more aware that the elephants didn’t look at all happy, they looked bored and one possibly a little mad, just swinging his trunk back and for for the whole time we’d stopped.  I deleted the snaps but the images still play on my mind, and needless to say we didn’t purchase a ticket for the show.

          However, the zoo in Lille was a completely different matter altogether.  The animals looked happy and well cared for, by combining animals which would have lived peacefully together in the wild their enclosures were bigger than just a little square plot and had the added interest of their neighbours, and as far as I can gather, most of the animals there were protected or endangered species, so the park wasn’t just for our benefit, it was for theirs too, a much more agreeable experience all round and if I lived in the area, one I would quite happily repeat again.

50. Zebras.

51. Zebras.

91. Rhinos.

93. Rhinos.

94. Rhino.

           More from before : A city-break in “Lille“, October 2012.


6 thoughts on “Parc Zoologique de Lille

  1. Such beautiful photos of the animals in this zoo. I too, am not normally a huge fan of zoos – my favorite in my area is a place called Black Pine Animal Sanctuary – it is a big cat rescue, however they have also rescued circus bears and chimpanzees as well as exotic birds. Great place.

    • Thanks, the animals looked happy and relaxed so it was a pleasure to photograph them.
      I googled the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary to see if it was near enough for me to visit, unfortunately it’s a long way from Oxfordshire, England so maybe you can visit it again and share some photos for us all to see. 🙂

  2. What an interesting concept for a zoo! Their enclosures look more like the wild than here in the states. I know that zoos do some wonderful conservation, but I just can’t look at animals in cages! We have a long way to go here. Love the pictures of those hippos–so fascinating!

    • Thanks, it was a good zoo, obviously some of the animals had to be in cages, birds and reptiles for instance, but as for the rhinos – I could have watched them all day. 🙂

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