Great little hustle

116. Chamber of commerce clock tower.

          The clock tower features in a lot of my photos of Lille, it loved the camera and I didn’t realise how many pictures it was in until I started editing when I got home.  I looked it up online and it’s part of the building belonging to the chamber of commerce.  As it’s been commented before on the Oxford buildings, the staff there probably don’t give a seconds thought to how beautiful the building looks as they go to work each day.

117. Opera de Lille.

          Next to the Clock tower building was the “Opera de Lille”, another pretty building, pretty enough in the daytime, but even better at night when anyone walking past can look up though those huge arched windows to the beautiful ceilings inside.  We ventured into the foyer on the one day to see them in daylight but unfortunately no ticket meant no entry to the Opera building itself.

          Incidentally, the posts you can see in the square mark out the roads, it’s a little confusing at times because the floor is all paved, but not too bad if you pay a little attention.

136. Accordian hustle.

          This young gentleman was wonderful, I had dropped some change into the lady’s tray before trying to take a couple of photos of her, no sooner had she posed for me than he turned up out of nowhere.  I worked out from my “Frenglish” that she was his mother and he wanted to be in the photo too,  he quickly put on his accordion and they played a short tune together.  I didn’t have any more change on me, I’d left hubby sitting in a cafe with a beer while I played with the camera and I’d already put the last of my euros in his mother’s tray and only had English money left,  I tried to explain this – again in Frenglish –  but he was having none of it and tried to negotiate a payment using his fingers so that this stupid foreign lady could understand.  In the end I left him with a few English coins and headed back to Hubby for a refill of euros for my pocket. He’d played such a good hustle I couldn’t resist.

          I returned shortly with Hubby in tow but the young gentleman had disappeared.

137. Accordian players.

           More from before : A city-break in “Lille“, October 2012.


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