Island zoo

55. White-handed gibbons.

          These white-handed gibbons were wonderful, I tried to catch them with my camera but they were swinging and climbing around so much that I kept missing them and just ended up with blurred empty photos.  Eventually I gave up trying to chase them around the ropes and held the camera still against a bit of fence with the focus set on one piece of framework and waited for them to come into the picture before I pressed the button completely down.  This seemed to do the trick, they’re still slightly blurred but compared to the first photos I tried of them I was very happy with these.

56. White-handed gibbons.

          What balance, the one gibbon is just walking along a not so tight rope in mid-air !

59. Great white pelicans.

          As with the zebras and rhinos, the Lille Zoo had combined animals to extend the enclosures.  I’m guessing monkeys (and I use the word very loosely) can’t swim which is what keeps them to their own islands, they had walkways and doorways to indoor quarters but didn’t seem to be able to stray out of their own trees.  The white pelicans gathered on their own island in the middle of the lake, quite happy to share, or maybe just oblivious to their neighbours.

60. Great white pelicans.

          There were other residents further along on two more islands, next to the pelicans sat a mother protecting a tiny baby I was a little disappointed not to catch them on film but the little red camera wasn’t quite up to my request on that occasion and I did catch a glimpse of a brownish flash at one time on the last island, but I guess they were a little more camera-shy.

          Moving from one area to another we crossed a bridge type walkway and the view down into the lake called out for the camera even without the animals.

61. Islands.

           More from before : A city-break in “Lille“, October 2012.


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