Hmmn, a little bright relief is needed here today I think …

           More from before : a dip into the archives for more “Flora, Fauna and Merryweather“.

8 thoughts on “Fushias

  1. Hi Sallyann, Blogging seems to make the world smaller. Your fushia photo is a beauty and I happened to find it thanks to a comment you left today on Rosemary’s Blog. Well, she was featuring some photos taken at the Conservatory and mentioned it was a good place to take some winter photos being inside and away from the dreary winter weather. Your comment was that the weather in your location was a bit gritty as well and that got me wondering where you were located. It took me a while, but I think you’re located in Britain. That would seem correct because the weather there and here in Seattle (where the Conservatory is located) is about the same as far as I understand it. I have been featuring some summer photos on my blog, John’s Island, as well. It does seem to add a bit of color to this time of year. You sure do a nice job with your blog and I’m glad to have found it. John

    • Thank you very much John, for your visit and your comment. The world is a small place indeed – from Seattle to England at the push of a button. 🙂
      I’m based in Oxfordshire but am lucky enough to spend quite a few weekends away with the camera while Hubby plays sport. I’m fighting off the January blues with some sunny holiday memories at the moment, feel free to drop in again sometime, it’s always nice to hear from a fellow blogger. 😀

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