Sunny stroll

          Robin invited us for “a short walk around the pond” in the snow this morning, maybe if you’ve got enough energy after lunch you’d fancy a slow stroll in the sunshine from Guildford, we’ll peep at a few gardens as we wander along the canal away from Stoke Lock and towards town.

29. Goodbye Stoke Lock.

30. Canal gardens.

31. Fishing.

32. Canal gardens.

33. Canal gardens.

34. Canal gardens.

           Look here to see more of “Guildford

5 thoughts on “Sunny stroll

  1. How beautiful! Thank you for a warm and colorful walk, Sallyann. It’s cold and gray here today. It’s nice to warm up a bit. And thank you for the mention. I appreciate it. 🙂

    • You’re more than welcome Robin, I always enjoy a walk around your pond. I thought I’d share some sunshine, even if I did have to go back to the summertime to find it, 🙂

    • Oh, there’s a shame, the locks and bridges are usually the prettiest bits.
      I plan to do the Kidlington to Oxford part of the Oxford Canal Walk again in March when my sister next visits, I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos to share. 🙂

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