We had a little snow last Monday, not much but enough.  Alice wasn’t impressed, she eats mainly grass and the snow meant she had to get her feet wet.  I broke out the wellies … and the camera.

2013-01. Alice & Snap.

         Yesterday we had a lot more snow and since Alice decided she wasn’t coming out of her hutch I tried to rig up something for a little more protection against the weather for her.  I taped the biggest brolly I had to the back of the heavy patio chairs to stop it blowing away and pushed over the hutch for her.  Some snow still got in, but she stayed huddled in the hay on her shelf and was fine.

2013- Alice shelter.

          I cleared up a lot of the snow today, moving it off the grass and tempted Alice back out into the garden.  Of course I had to find somewhere to put the snow so what better way to use it up than by making a snowman, unfortunately by the time I had finished it was getting too dark to take a good photo.

2013-01. Snowman gloves.


6 thoughts on “Snowman

    • Thanks, Alice finally ventured out and helped by clearing the snow from behind the hutch, digging at it as she would a hole, and pushing it away with her front paws until she’d made a clean path all around. I scraped the top of the hutch and the bird table for her but it’s just started to drop the forcast snow for today so she’s not come out again yet this morning.
      Maybe later. 🙂

    • Alice is out today now, she’s had a play and is now huddled on her bird house. It’s been snowing very lightly all day here. (I don’t think Alice has given much thought to the fact that she has to get back down at sometime). 🙂

    • 🙂 Yes, the umbrella is fine, it’s still attached to the chair ready for the last of the forcast snow this week. 🙂
      Alice has a nice surprise coming as soon as we can collect it, we’ve just got a new six foot hutch at a bargain price on ebay. 🙂

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