T200 : Snow

          Aj at “Ouch my back hurts” has started a challenge for Tuesdays, if I’m getting this right he picks a subject and the challenge is to write 200 words about it.  I find thinking 200 words surprisingly easy and I’m really glad I learned to touch-type at school, my fingers can type away as I think without me even having to look at the keyboard or screen, then with the added help of the spellcheck I can usually make some sort of sense of the words for others to read what my mind has been thinking.

          Reading 200 words is a different matter, this involves first my eyes sending the right information from the screen to my brain, then my brain processing the letters of each word into the right order and the words of each sentence into the right order too, (it’s a little like a game of chinese whispers in there sometimes) .  It takes so much concentration to actually read each sentence that by the time I get to the end of the second sentence, I’ve forgotten what the first one said.  Alternatively, if I read along without using so much concentration so that I can attempt to enjoy what I’m reading I very often get the words in the wrong order which can totally change the meaning of the writing and then find I’ve read a completely different story to everyone else.

          This weeks challenge “T200:Snow” triggered a photo with a sort of memory to go with it so I thought I’d give it a go.


          Here you see two little sisters and their Nana on the very first time the youngest sister had seen snow so out in the garden they went for a photo opportunity.  The eldest sister, posing for the camera and enjoying the snow is quite happy to stand in the crunchy, wet, white stuff with her wellies on but the youngest … no way were you getting her to put her feet in that !

          Oh dear, such a good photo opportunity missed, but what to do, the answer presented itself in the form of an old tin tray, on the yesterday it had been sitting on the Bampi’s lap, nicely balanced with his dinner and cup of tea but today it finds itself nestled comfortably in the snow balancing the nervous little girl in her thick tights and buckle-up shoes.

          Needless to say, since I was the youngest sister in this photo this isn’t one of my memories but one I’ve been told of many times, and as for the photo … well who can resist a smile for this one.


8 thoughts on “T200 : Snow

  1. I very much enjoyed your story, Sallyann. And yes, the picture made me smile. It reminded me of a story I’ve heard about me. When I was about the same age as you were in this picture, my mother took me outside in my bare feet to walk on the grass. Instead of enjoying the feel of the grass, as I would now, I cried and cried and cried. I refused to walk on it. Mom had to put down a blanket for me to stand on before I’d go on the grass. 🙂

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