After walking home from work in another ‘whiteout’ from the snow again last night I dipped into the archives for some much-needed colour.  I found this photo and remembered how colourful the trams looked in the sunshine.  Hubby and I took Mum-in-law with us on a holiday to the Isle of Man in July 2009, looking though the files I realised that some of the memories are fading even with the help of the photos so I’ll have to catch a few of them here on the blog before they do.

095 Snaefell trams

          On the Isle of Man, they have both electric and horse-drawn trams and since we were staying in Douglas we caught the electric tram from Douglas to Laxey.

083 Electric tram - Douglas

084 Electric tram - Laxey

          And then changed over to the Snaefell Mountain Railway train to reach the summit.  The carriages were really rickety but they’ve been rattling up to the top of the mountain for well over one hundred years and I guess they’ll still be going in another hundred or so.

086 Electric tram - Snaefell

          I kept the driver waiting while he tried to empty the carriage to take a couple of photos of it empty, you can see how rattley the inside was in the first picture, and from the second picture you can see some of the view outside when we arrived at the top.

085 Electric tram - Snaefell

          One more picture of the mountain train stationary outside the small building at the very top of Snaefell, 2036 feet up.

094 Snaefell - 2036 Feet High

          More from before : pictures and posts about our holiday in the “Isle of Man” in July 2009.

11 thoughts on “Snaefell

  1. I think I’ll have to go there… for the TT ride and to see all these old means of transport.
    Looks like one can actually still open a window to point a camera out?
    I think you mentioned the food was good in another post?

    • You should, it was very pretty and your camera would love it. 🙂
      We didn’t go on TT week but we did drive the course.
      I think Manx kippers are the delicacy to be sampled, they did have some for breakfast on the table next to ours one morning … but I resisted the urge. 😀

    • The old transport was probably far slower than the new, but I wonder if it was just nostalgia which makes them seem better. I guess todays fast pace of life in general has a lot to do with that. 🙂

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