Storming the castle

         After about ten inches of snow fell in places on Doncaster over Friday night, I set off by train to Conisbrough on the Saturday morning to find the castle.  The visitor centre was open, but the gents inside were very apologetic that I couldn’t go to the top of the castle because of the weather and didn’t quite understand at first why I said the snow was a bonus.

          Join me for a walk around the outside of Conisbrough Castle, you’ll need your wellies, and in some places your balance, but it’s surprisingly not cold as the snow is already starting to thaw.

1-castle-keep          Don’t mind the dog barking, he’s just shouting about how much snow there is around the other side to play in.

2-barking-dog          This bit’s a little slippery, watch your footing as well as looking up.

5-conisbrough-castle          I’m not too good with the history bit but I believe we’re looking at the Barbican gate from this angle.

8-barbican-gate          If you’re not too cold and you’ve got some spare energy left, have a go on the slopes with the sledgers, I’ll head on a little further round to the visitor centre and have a cuppa waiting for you when you get there.9-conisbrough-castle

          More from before : Daytrip to “Conisbrough” in the snow


15 thoughts on “Storming the castle

  1. We lived south of London for a year and made several trips to Scotland. The best days we had were the days we spent visiting castles! A snowy castle would have been a wonderful bonus.

    • Aren’t castles wonderful ?
      I had the visit planned for a couple of weeks but I couldn’t have asked for better weather. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, call again anytime. 😀

  2. Lovely – I didn’t know about Conisbrough castle so I googled it, Very interesting article on Wikipedia, and I have now discovered the delicious word ‘wapentake’.

    • Thank you, and thanks for joining me. 😀
      It makes taking photos much more fun if you know someone else is going to enjoy seeing what you’ve looked at too. 🙂

    • Hi Adrian – thought I remembered this comment – no seriously though I very seldom forget a reply so sorry I’m late with this one.
      I googled the Blackadder connection but alas couldn’t find much to go on so I’ll bow to your geater knowledge in this case. I hope the pictures stirred a few smiles remembered from the series for you. 🙂

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