Visit Conisbrough Castle

          Every now and then my little red camera surprises me and does exactly what I want it to.

16-thaw          Consibrough Castle is an English Heritage site, the visitors centre at the moment is a sort of wig-wamish construction which has huge, tilted glass windows facing the castle.  The snow thawing on the roof was running down the glass in small rivers, on about the second click I got the picture I wanted with the auto-focus catching the moving water.  The picture isn’t quite straight, of course the tilted glass meant the water looked as if it wasn’t running vertically down, but the horizon outside was way off so I tried again … and again, and again, but never mind, when I got home Photoshop came to the rescue and straightened the horizon slightly for me.

15-window-view          The visitor centre is about to get a huge overhaul.  They’ve won a Heritage Lottery fund grant and work is due to begin in Septemer  2013,  if I remember rightly, the site will be closed to the public until they re-open in April 2014 with a newly refurbished visitor centre and a few extras to the castle, exciting times for all involved.

          For those of you who’d like a little more information about Conisbrough Castle, here’s the link for it on the “English Heritage” website and as Catterel said in her comment on the last post, “Wikipedia” has a very interesting article as well.

           More from before : Daytrip to “Conisbrough” in the snow

7 thoughts on “Visit Conisbrough Castle

  1. Love the way you’ve captured the water running down the window – I know how hard it is to capture such a shot 🙂

    Looks like a great place to visit. I don’t think it will be on the route to the Dales (again) this year.

    • Thanks, it looks like they’re using the quieter, winter season to do the upgrades. Our Doncaster visit is usually in January so I’ll be visiting the castle again in 2015. 🙂

    • Thanks, I had a feeling you’d like that one. 🙂
      Try as I might though, I couldn’t repeat it. I would really like an upgrade from my little point and shoot but I don’t have the first idea about what I’d want.
      I’ve been “talking cameras” with some friends and have learned about aperture, shuter speed and depth of focus (I think) – if I open my eyes wide I let in lots of light so I only need to look quickly to be able to see what I’m looking but because I’m only looking quickly I only see exactly what I’m looking at … so wide aperture means fast shutter speed and short depth of focus, eg. flowers with blurred backgrounds.
      Alternatively – if my eyes are only open a little bit only a small amount of light gets in so I need to look for longer and if I’m looking for longer, I see a lot more … so small aperture means long shutter speed and deeper depth of focus, eg. views and scenic shots.
      Sound about right ?

      • Sallyann you’re getting there >>> hang on in there, lady!!! That’s it – the larger the aperture (eg f1.8) the more light you let in and the faster your shutter speed eg 1/500th of a second. And the smaller the aperture (eg f22) the less light you let in so the longer your shutter speed must be (eg 1/30th of a second).

        Its confusing because the larger hole (f1.8) has the smaller f number >>> f22 is a very small hole!

        But the Depth of Focus (aka Depth of Field) goes with the f number, so f1.8 has a very limited DoF – blurred backgrounds or, if you’re taking a photo of me, blurred everything). And f22 has a much greater DoF, so maybe the whole photo is sharp.

        If I can confuse you more, you just let me know!!! Adrian

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