House inspection

91-2013-02-02-new-hutch          Alice has a new hutch, and as you can see by the picture she’s been inspecting it from every possible angle.

          It’s going to be an exciting time at the rabbit residence in our back garden over the next few months and there’s a lot to be done.  First came the arrival of the new hutch, a bargain found by Middle Daughter on ebay for under a quarter of the price I would have had to pay for a brand new one.  This one has been used at a rabbit rescue centre for less than a year and it’s been kept indoors so it’s a little bit nibbled but apart from that it’s fine and Alice has already decided it’s hers.

          She can’t move in straight away though, first I need to make a few preparations, not least to add a piece of trellis to the top of the fence behind it just incase next door’s vegetable patch becomes too tempting as the giant leap over the fence isn’t so giant from the new higher hutch.  Then, as you can see the two bedrooms of both hutches are against each other in the corner.  The plan is to eventually join the two hutches together so before that can happen I have to reverse the insides and the fronts to move the bedrooms to the outside corners, then hopefully, one end will remain as a bedroom and the other end as a private “little girls room”, with the ability to hop, skip or jump from one end to the other without having to leave the safety of the hutch.

          The top of the new hutch has to be carpeted so that Alice doesn’t get bad feet again, she likes to be up on top even more now that she can run from end to end and she’s taken to watching us in the kitchen through the window as much as we watch her in the garden.

          It’s definately an exciting time at the rabbit residence in our back garden … but the new hutch is just the beginning.

9 thoughts on “House inspection

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  2. A real des. res. – and all that for one little Flopsy! Thank you for the photo – now I can show my American friends what we Brits understand by a hutch. They call their dresser a hutch and a dresser is … something else, not quite sure any more.

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