Aj’s latest “T200 challenge” is Bugs. He told us of a nasty flu virus which seems to have wiped out even his good lady and showed us photos of butterflies, ladybirds, beetles etc. My brain ticked over on the title bugs and this is what came out …

          A long time ago, in a galaxy far away …
No, seriously, when I was a little girl … one of my favourite cartoons on tv was of a grey rabbit called Bugs Bunny. He used to cause chaos and spend his time antagonizing a little man with a gun, Elmer Fudd, he shared this pleasure with another character, a duck called Daffy.

          I was never quite sure if Bugs Bunny was actually a hare or not, he did have very long ears for a rabbit, but there again, he spoke too so I guess we can suspend belief enough to make allowances for the length of his ears.

          Bugs Bunny used to get up to all sorts of mischief, but what I remember most is his charictaristic munching on his cigar-like carrot, followed by the words “What’s up Doc ?”

          I guess Hubby must have watched the same cartoon too, since when he’s calling our rabbit, Alice, he very often uses the friendly nick-name …

          Bugs.  🙂31-2011-07-31-eyelashes


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