Patchwork and pine

          A while a go I decorated our bedroom in terracotta and cream, patchwork and pine.  Unfortunately as is so often the case, it’s not quite finished.  I’m on a mission to finish everything I’ve started and although I’m busy in the kitchen at the moment, this post will serve as a reminder as to what I still have to do.

          We ripped out the broken sliding doors from across one wall which were trying to hide a multitude of higgldey-piggledy shelves behind and replaced them with antique pine fronted wardrobes, then added bedside cabinets to match.  After taking away the area of mirrored tiles on one wall and realising the room seemed to lose half of its size, we put up a large wooden framed mirror opposite the window to reflect the light as well as effectively double the size of the room.  A shelf high up above the mirror, stained with antique pine and a curtain pole completed the pine section.

          The cream was added with the wallpaper, a textured paper with the appearance of a roughly troweled surface, oh, and a lampshade on the ceiling.

          The terracotta and the patchwork are the two areas which still need finishing.  I’ll show you these when the kitchen is finished and I move onto the next project.

          Meanwhile, I’ve always wanted a rocking chair and had been commenting on how wonderful one would look with my cottage type bedroom decoration.  I was given one, compliments of one of Eldest daughter’s friends who was having a clear out.  Its wonderful, although I don’t think Hubby shares my enthusiasm he’s happy enough for  it to stay.  It was a little hard on the “seat” though if you get what I mean.

          I mentioned on my other blog how a love a good “Haggle” and one Sunday morning I was out and about just wandering around a market while Hubby was playing in a comp and I noticed a rocking chair the same size as mine … with a terracotta cushion on it !

          I walked past a few times, and was spotted by the storeholder, “taking an interest” so when I stopped on about the fifth passing to inspect it he was ready to push for a sale.  £75.

          Hmmmn, £75 for a chair I didn’t really need, I had no way of transporting home, and which I knew Hubby wouldn’t be pleased about.

          I poked and prodded the cushions … “How much for the chair without the cushions ?” I asked.


          “I’ll give you £5 for the cushions then !”

          DONE !

          And he very much was so.rocking-chair

5 thoughts on “Patchwork and pine

  1. I love the sound of ‘terrracotta and cream patchwork and pine’; sounds lovely!

    You are good at haggling; that cushion fits the chair like a glove. I used to have a rocking chair like that. They are wonderful items of furniture. I’m looking at getting another one. I tried one that fit me like a glove but at the time I couldn’t afford it. Still don’t know if I could really afford it now so it has become a dream chair. It’s quite low which suits my stature, and the spindles at the back are flat which suits my back 🙂

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