I spotted Diane’s “view from an aircraft window” of Venice when she was taking part in a photo challenge and decided to play along.

          I have very fond memories of my holiday in Venice with Eldest Daughter and am looking forward to going again, with Hubby this time.  However, the picture I’m choosing to share on this photo challenge is from our holiday in Nice, France.

          This was my last view of Nice, we were up at silly o’clock to catch the plane home, it was still dark when we left the hotel and then we had waited for an age at the airport.  As usual, Hubby gave me the window seat (he’s good like that) and I sat peering out with my camera.  As the plane turned I caught a glimpse of the sun rising over the coastline we’d enjoyed for the previous few days and captured it, dirty window included, for a smile at a later date.


          As for the challenge ...

CBBH Photo Challenge

          The photo on Diane’s post caught my eye, and with my rabbit, Alice, usually occupying at least part of my mind, the title Blog Hop caught my attention too.

          There are lots of challenges around providing inspiration and lots of awards too, these providing the opportunity to link to other blogs and pass on the enjoyment found there but this challenge does both so for my part, here goes ..

          Hop over and take a look at two blogs I visit regularly,  “The Lantern Room“, a blog by Meanderer who almost always makes me smile.  And also “Ouch My Back Hurts” where Aj often rants a bit but seldom fails to amuse.

          If the photo challenge has tweeked your imagination, drop over to this month’s challenge at CBBH Photo Challenge – VIEW FROM AN AIRCRAFT to see what to do next.


10 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge … VIEW FROM AN AIRCRAFT

  1. thanks for your visit sallyann, lovely to see your view too, sunrise over the ocean in silvery light is wonderful! i will hop off and visit your suggestions now 🙂

  2. Hello Sallyann – great to have you on board with this month’s photo challenge. Thanks for posting your photo of a beautiful sunrise over Nice. I have very fond memories of previous visits to Nice, when we also managed to escape “over the border” into Monte Carlo 🙂

    Thanks also for entering into the spirit, and sharing links to two blogs you enjoy. I love this part of the challenge, as I always find so many new places to HOP over to.

    • Hi Marianne, thanks for stopping by. 🙂
      We took a day-trip to Monte Carlo too, I still have some pretty photos and lovely memories waiting in the files to be shared.

      I’ve been hopping about here, there and everywhere via the blog hop.

      Thanks … great idea. 🙂

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