Monte Carlo on bus

158-casino-monte-carlo          This was Hubby’s day out when we went to Nice, but of course I enjoyed playing with the camera as much as he enjoyed watching the people.

         We set off early by bus for the extortionate price of just one whole euro !

          The tourist information in “Place Massenna” were very helpful in sending us to the right bus stop, we checked the times the day before, the tiny writing seemed to be more of a problem than usual (there’s that age thing again) but never fear technology to the rescue again, cameras can take more than just pretty pictures, I took a photo of the timetable and then zoomed in on the little screen to see the times we needed, ha, instant (and enlarged) memory.

          The bus stop isn’t well signposted at Monte Carlo, it’s just a stop not a station so follow the crowds as they seemed to get it right, we didn’t and had to walk back a few stops but it was a lovely day and we’re both happy walking so that was fine.

          The tour guides were right, Monte Carlo is the place to be for watching posh people and fast cars.  Although I seem to remember seeing a lot more of the watchers than the watched.

157-ferari          The buildings were beautiful, as were the gardens, everything posed for the camera, even the clear blue sky.



          Don’t get me wrong, Monte Carlo is really beautiful and I wouldn’t have missed the day there on our visit at all but I couldn’t help feel that everything was a little “too perfect” though, as if we were allowed to look but not touch, but hey, isn’t that what everyone was there to do anyway, and yes, I would quite happily go back again to enjoy the beauty of it all.


          More from before – A holiday in “Nice” and a daytrip to “Monte Carlo” in July 2012.


9 thoughts on “Monte Carlo on bus

  1. One day when I grow up I want one of those red things… or two, or even three… must be Italian, name must begin with an F, or an F or and F or maybe an L… M? Maybe… but really F is for me!! 😉

    • I have to admit I don’t usually watch the Grand Prix, I know when it’s on because Hubby watches and it sounds like a swarm of bumble bees.
      I might just have to watch it next time to see if I can recognise anywhere on the circuit. 🙂

  2. Fabulous place Sallyann, did the same for my 40th a few years ago. Didn’t have the blue skies you did (February) but it didn’t matter, there was still a rich ‘vibe’ all day. I felt so out of place but loved it still.

    • It was a good day, the visit and the weather. I still have lots of pictures of Money Carlo sitting around in files, I’ll have to re-visit them.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. call again soon. 🙂

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