I walked the section of the Oxford Canal walk from “Kidlington” in September with Hubby and put up a few pictures up of the canal in autumn, planning to revisit the walk again in spring.  This was back in September 2011, I didn’t manage to return in the following April, nor apparently did I return to the files to show you more of the walk either.

          I’ll put the photo part of that right now, here are a few of the locks and bridges I snapped on the way …

8. Bridge 234.

9. Lock 45.

24. Bridge 243.

25. Lock 46.

          And as for the walk in spring, my sister is visiting this weekend, and although spring is not quite sprung here yet, Sunday is promising to be warmer, if not sunnier, than the last few weeks so we’re off to Oxford via the canal again so I’ll be sure to take the camera.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington“.


4 thoughts on “Locked

    • Thanks, if I can’t find daffs, I’ll quite happily settle for snowdrops, although I caught a glimpse of blossom on one of the trees in Oxford from the bus the other day so maybe … 🙂

  1. The bridge in the third and fourth images is very pretty.

    Looking forward to seeing images of your walk this coming Sunday 🙂 (Sunshine? Let’s hope so!).

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